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InVentures Program

Smith & Nephew welcomes new product concepts from surgeons.

See why collaborating with Smith & Nephew may be the best approach for bringing surgical product concepts to reality.

  • Smith & Nephew's innovation program respects surgeons' time and their intellectual property
  • Smith & Nephew promptly evaluates surgeon concepts for technical and market viability
  • Our experienced development team works hand-in-hand with surgeons to advance the state of the art in arthroscopy
  • Commercialized products benefit from the selling power of Smith & Nephew's global sales and marketing presence
  • Process is broken down into easy-to-understand steps, making the process clear


  1. Review Development Process
  2. Establish Confidentiality
  3. Evaluate Concept
  4. Partner with a Development Engineer
  5. Evaluate Prototype
  6. Commercialize Product

Take the first step now. Complete the on-line Idea Form and we will begin bringing your concept to reality!

Visit the Smith & Nephew InVentures Program secure server to input your idea information.